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Helpful reviews & references

Sithari from Asagaya-minami
August 2020

Sithari arrived punctual all the time and she was great with my baby. I totally recommend her.

Mary Jane from Sapporo
November 2019

Mary Jane was a lovely and friendly babysitter. My son is normally scared of strangers but he warmed up to her almost immediately. She ev...

Miki from Sapporo
October 2019

We used Mikki for an evening and a day during the Rugby World Cup in Sapporo. She was punctual, polite, friendly and immediately engaged...

Grazia from Kobe
October 2019

Grazia was a lovely young person. My 5 year old daughter really enjoyed the time they spent together. I can recommend her very highly. Th...

Ashley from Sapporo
September 2019

she is great person! when baby sit, she handled it politely to me who is poor English. and she is very cheerful.  I really want to talk...

Yuko from Kyoto
April 2019

Yuko was amazing with both us and our kids. Her English is excellent, she is wonderfully kind and fun, and our kids had a great day with...

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