5 Ways to Help Others

5 Ways to Help Others

By Babysits, 6 min read

Normal routines are almost destined to change now that it has been advised in many countries to stay inside as much as possible and not to go outside if you have a cold or do not feel well. For some people, this advice hits a lot harder than for other people. For elderly people, there is a high probability that the virus can have fatal consequences if they are infected and because of this elderly people are advised to stay at home. The situation is also becoming more difficult for many parents among us. Schools and childcare in many cases are closed and parents are suggested to work from home if possible.

Hashtags such as #coronahelp are being widely used on social media. People indicate that because of the situation they have more time to spare, because they no longer have classes, for example, and that they would like to help others who really need it. If you also want to help the people around you, then read on! We will give you some ideas so you know what you can do for the people around you.

Of course, we always advise you to follow the regulations of the local government based on the current situation in your country and region.

Spread good news

At the moment, we hear a lot of negative news around us. That is certainly not surprising! But for some people, this can lead to negative thoughts, depression, or even panic attacks. So, try to spread some positive news to the people around you. You can send a sweet message to your friends, buy a flower for your neighbors and put it on their doorstep or spread other positive news. In this way you help each other feel better, more optimistic, and we can stay positive!

Tutor online

Because schools are closed, many children have been left at home. Do you know a child in your area who has always had trouble with a certain subject or do you know a child who has received online homework from school? And are you good at a particular subject such as Math, English, History or perhaps Economics? Then contact them and ask if you can help them! Normally, the teacher would help with the tasks the children have in the classroom, however, not every school currently has online guidance. The parents of these children may be working at home now, but that doesn’t mean that they always have the time to help the children with their homework. Chances are that not only the parents, but also the child, will appreciate it if you help them with their homework. Try to do this as much as possible online. For example, you can Skype with the child or Facetime. Another option is to make a video in which you explain everything step by step and send it to the child. This way you help the child with his or her homework, but you and the family remain safe and the virus cannot spread.

Keep an eye on how your neighbors are doing

Do you not have any cold symptoms and are you feeling fine? Then why not check on your neighbors (or the grandfathers and grandmothers in your area). If you have their phone number, it is better to call them, to avoid potentially spreading germs. However, while being careful, it is important to still try to help your fellow neighbours. Perhaps they can really use your help! Maybe they feel sick or they are not well enough to go out and do things normally; in these times you can mean a lot to them. Maybe they would appreciate it if you helped get groceries for them, picked up medicines, walked the dog or made soup. These little tasks can have a lot of benefit for people who need your help. Remember though, that you should follow guidelines still and be careful not to contract or spread the germs. Make sure you do things such as keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meters with the people around you, not shaking hands, washing hands often and more.

Ask less for your babysitting job

Due to the closure of the schools and nurseries, many parents are looking for a babysitter for their child. The government may already arrange a lot to support these parents, but a lot of help is still being asked for. Have you been overall healthy: not had a cold, are you not coughing, and do you still feel fine? Then you may be allowed to take care of and babysit children according to government guidelines. Are you willing to babysit, or do you still have a babysitting job? Then think about whether you want to do something extra for the parents during these times. Maybe you can ask for a little less hourly wages, or maybe you are even willing to do your babysitting job completely free of charge. There is a good chance that some parents need a babysitter more than usual and such gestures can really help them enormously. *At this time it is still allowed to babysit, however, be sure to check in with current government guidelines. Stick to the guidelines and make sure to stay safe and wash your hands often.

Keep in touch with the child you are babysitting

Do you regularly babysit a child, but unfortunately you can't watch them at the moment? Then keep in touch with the child! It is also a difficult period for children at the moment. Their daily routine is disrupted and this can also cause anxiety. Call or Facetime the child you babysit and come up with some fun things that you can do "together". Perhaps you can send each other nice letters, such as what many pen pals did when little or no social media was used or make a fun DIY together and send the photos of your creation to each other. If the child you have been babysitting is older and is a big fan of TikTok, you can also come up with a fun Babysits dance and do a duet together on the platform. In this way you can keep the bond between you as strong as possible and also slowly help the child get used to the new situations and rules that have come about due to the spread of the virus.

Being stuck spending more time at home and indoors takes a lot of getting used to for many people and can also cause tension for some. But there are also new opportunities for activities that you normally don’t have or take time for. By helping the people around you in this way, we can help each other to get through this period. Together we are strong! However, we recommend that you always take into account the regulations of the government and think carefully about your own health and that of others.