What is upcycling? Fun activities to do with kids

What is upcycling? Fun activities to do with kids

By Babysits
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Material waste is a problem that impacts everyone. In particular, our children's future, therefore it is something we need to start educating ourselves about.. As a result, each of us should lead by example by taking small steps to preserve our country and the future of the next generation.

Some concepts that we should always keep in mind are reusing (and upcycling!) and recycling. All are very important, guided by the same mission, but with different meanings.

  • A reused object is something that does not become waste. It is a preventative action because the functionality of the object is restored by attributing a new purpose to it. But what is an upcycled object? The same object that you just reused but turned into something with a higher quality of value. This means that the object will not only serve a new purpose, but it will also be turned into something more creative and interesting!
  • A recycled object, on the other hand, is already a waste object because it no longer has the same function that it originally had. In this case, the material is used to produce a similar or different product.

On Babysits you can find many fun ideas using reused objects. Here is a series of do-it-yourself activities to do with children to teach them that all things have a second life:

Plant pots

Do you have plastic bottles around the house? You can transform them into small plant pots! All you need is a pair of scissors, paint and your imagination. You can create a nice little creature that makes your home more welcoming.

plant pots for kids

Object holder

Have you recently organized a birthday party? Did you have any paper plates left?If so, you can create cute object holders that you can hang in your room. Thanks to this creation you will not only waste less paper, but you will be able to arrange your small objects.

birthday leftovers


Take glass jars that contained food and create holiday souvenirs or original photo frames. Instead of buying a new frame, you can let your imagination run wild using these containers.


To give a new purpose to objects, and therefore not waste them, you should delegate a task for everyone. If these concepts are taught to children from an early age, they are given the chance to live in a cleaner but above all else more admirable environment. Interested in environmental topics? Check out our other articles and Babysits' actions towards a healthier planet!

Small actions are enough to teach children the importance of not wasting things. Are you going to do one of these DIYs? Share your upcycled objects with us through our Instagram page @babysits!